Free From The Pain

She closes her eyes and breathe the air,
Her cage broken but her soul still shattered,
Life was a burden,
Never did she know what freedom was like,
Until now,
She looked across a green field,
The grass waving in the wind like a sea upon a calm day,
Taking a breathe she ran,
Spreading her arms as she moved,
The green ocean beneath her feet,
The smell of fresh came to her,
So different,
Her heart thumper in her chest,
For the first time it came to life,
A smile,
A real smile came to life,
It spread across her face and she sighed,
A world of hope and love,
A world of pain and hate,
It is the balance,
Out here she was free,
No chain,
No cages,
No scars,
Just her, the soft wind, the green ocean,
She stopped running,
A single tear fell from her long dead eyes,
It was no tear like before,
Not of pain,
Not of fear,
It was a tear of joy,
Her heart skipped beat after beat,
Upon a small rise she saw the suns glow fall,
A tune came from the sky,
Soft and medolic,
Her coldness filled with warmth,
The scars upon her soul glowed,
The scars upon her wrists felt no pain,
Sweet relief,
The soft tune calmed as a howl spreaed the sky,
The orb in the high heavens let out a beautiful light,
She stared to the moon smiling,
Such beauty in a world of ugliness,
She felt relief,
A feeling she had long since forgot,
A place where she found peace,
She found where she belonged,
She was free.
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11 Responses Jan 9, 2013

That was very nice.

wow that was well written.

thank you

keep up the good work.

This is an extraordinary description of unexpected freedom.


amazing :)


This was great too!i enjoy ur poetry so much!its all amazing!


That picture made me want to dance. It took me to the place you created and in my mind I smiled. You made me believe it! That was absolutely amazing. You are so gifted! <3

thank you so much!

I love it. It made me cry. You are truly gifted. I hope you have more footer me to read.

I completely know the feeling she felt.

thats good :D

Wonderful Words


It is beautiful

thank you!

This made me cry! It's so beautiful.

ummm thanks sorry a made ye cry