Just Another One

This was my friends poem. His aunt gave me a lot of his things telling me this is what he wanted, so here it is.

Lights brighter than crystal
God smarter than heaven
My eyes crying with desperation
Another lamb slaughtered

My heart watered with pain
A sadness is ruptured
A cornered bomb
I wished to be yours

I made it through
No time to be
Gunning out
Tasting the rain

Shining your name
Crying out
Daddy I love you!
Wishing you a star

Gods got a plan
To be ours
To begin this
I haven't seen it yet

The depth of my unity
I'm seeing you
Tomorrow a glow
Today a shine down

Your my one and only
Today and another
A hearts connection
My life's birth

No ones called
To be alarmed
I could have loved it
My souls hatred

By seeing gods humanity
Falling head first
Tapping hells gate
Wrapping gods wings around me

Singing a lullaby
Jamming to a song
Camping at a fire
Dancing on a building

Tipping over water
Flapping over wind
Stomping over earth
Blowing over fire

Gods creations aren't to be destroyed
They aren't to be overdoed
The lord makes them to bless
The lord makes them to recognize
redfallenangel redfallenangel
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013