Your Steps.

Only a tiny few steps away, just a little more, and a little more.
Take a big step, much bigger, even bigger.
Doesn't it seem long?
Just a little more, and a little more, you will nearly be there.
Just step forward. Just step over that. And this.
Step, step, step. Drop, drop, drop.
But you get back up.
Just step, you will soon be there, do not worry.
Those steps, your baby steps, learning how to walk. Step.
A baby only wanting to walk, excited to try something new.
A baby learning to run, excited.
We were once that baby, we were once excited, we were excited to try something new, we were laughing, smiling and sometimes try to sing along with a song.
An innocent baby, but look at what we've become, look at what we have been through that changed the innocence, changed the laugh into a cry, and changed the smile into a frown, changed the singing into anger. Just step. Step again. Take a step forward to find your happiness again. Only a few steps away. You will soon be there.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

That was just awesome...! This is a really good one.! Dude it's so make me wanna take that step after reading this....really awesome poem...

Yeah it can be like a life saver to anyone...:)