Her Death Brought Her Life

She cries each night,
Never does she show her pain,
Always hiding her face,
How long can she stay strong?
How many more days must she play along,
Raw emotion in her eyes,
Fear crawling up her spine as she wipes the tears,
Looking down at her scars,
Looking at her reflection as she hides the bruises,
Tears take a walk from her eyes,
Falling like a stream of pain,
Upon her life falls darkness,
She brings back justice only to have it shattered,
Each hit,
Each shout,
Each tear,
Each time she cuts,
Never does the angels smile,
A broken girl,
Broken glass is her eyes,
Fading into the abyss,
Why the pain?
She curls up and clutches her heart,
One day...
One day she will cry no more,
Will there be angels when she dies?
She wipes each tear that falls,
Only for more to fall,
No one knew what was going on in her mind,
Words stuck to her head,
But still she kept strong,
She knew she had to do,
She took the blade,
Cutting and letting the blood flow out,
A strange relief filled her,
Keep the demons away she prayed,
She get onto her knees as the blood poured,
She closed her eyes and tears fell,
Pain washing over her,
She whispered gentle words,
She asked many questions,
The tears still strolling,
Why us innocent?
Do you even exist?
Can you hear me yet?
Am I too far away?
She opened her eyes and cried,
No answer,
No freedom,
Many face a horrid pain in life,
A world that never protected the hurting,
Upon the sky she looked and searched the stars,
It got worse every night,
Until one day,
She had enough,
She wanted to go far away,
A tub she filled with water,
She filled her eyes with tears,
The rattling sound emptied as she fell into the water,
Her eyes grew heavy,
Then it all stopped,
All the pain ended and she stood in the dark,
The weight fell of her shoulder and she smiled,
She saw a man standing in white,
A smile across his face his arms wide open,
To him she ran into his arms,
She felt safe,
She found a place she belonged,
He took her hand and lead her to a beautiful place,
She could touch the stars,
All the pain wiped away,
The tears stopped,
She was alive because she was dead.
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WOW !!!!

something that resonates with me.


Wow I love your poem it made me cry because it reminds me of myself like a lot I to really want to commit suiside I just cant do it because of my friend monkey he to wants to do it but I made a promise to him that if I dont do it nither will he and I don't want him to have to u know do it because I did I feel your pain

to religous but beuatiful

Wauw, This is so Beautiful xx

Hi, I'm concerned for you based on your pretty expressive poem. Please write me personally if you want to talk with someone. I promise not to lecture or give the same tired advice. I have something incredible I will share with you but I would need an email address as it comes with many attachments. You are not alone! ChrisTKringel

Very beautiful.

This made me cry a heartfelt cry. Someone very close to me would cut herself out of pain and grief. She was only 15 at the time. She wanted to kill herself to be in heaven with our loved ones. She did die at 15 and I know she is where she wanted to be. I miss her alot, but I know she's safeand sound with God.

beautiful poem... glorying suicide a bit though... i thnk we all want it to be all nice and dandy if we kill ourselves, but truth is we dont know what is on the other side... the man standing in white with outstretched arms may be a huge grizzly bearish thing ready to eaat us... or the Jehovah, God, Allah who calls it sinful to take your own life...

"Death" is the path to new Life... and within each seed of new Life is the seed of Death. Such is the cycle... Blessings...

well done this is absoultley well written keep up the good work brought tears to my eyes as i know what it feels like to be misunderstood.

i hear u.....

Crimson Snow you are a talent lost in this unforgiving world.If you had a million dollars you could make a play...it seems you may be able to write a play about your feelings and then one day she meets someone who understands and tells her it,s gonna be ok.That someone is out there. Keep hope.

Wow u made this up? not from a book i mean. cuz that is just amazing.... so sad then happy :'(

i write all my own poems

Wow ur a amazin poet.

thanks :)

Noo problem and ur welcome

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Wow...so beautiful Snow. :')


O,_o this put a tear in my eye


Your very awesome at poetry

only when depressed which is most of the time anyway

Haha awesomness

lol thank you very much

No problem

go to da doctor get u some anti depressants, I had to do that because I was suicidal. :p

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I feel like crying and I'm a dude lol. That was very comforting in a way for me. I'll never forget this poem

beautifully written



Beautiful but so sad.

Will the angels be with her when she dies, Oh yes, there will be angels. Angels who will cry and hold her close as the rattling breath stops.
Angels who will assist her to the other side

Good story, brought tears to my eyes, sorry about my reply but just had to say it, for no one goes alone, and all are met by someone

So nice I like it..??

Nice poem. I can understand completely the imagery you used and other writing tools. Talented snow

this is just beautiful, but so sad ):


Thank you so much for the beautiful words.

Unfortunately, for me reading it was like looking at my own reflection. I have always been suicidal.

i know how you feel there

great words!

beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

thanks for reading :)

That was amazing...truly amazing...

thank you so much

No!dont thank me...if anyone should be thanking anyone its me thanking you...that was truly amazing!

yay! check out my other poems please and let me know what you think

one word...yes XD


Nope...thank you! XD

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