Destiny. Destiny brought us together and destiny took us apart. I yearn for you as you yearn for me. Destiny took my life from me,and then gave some of it back. Destiny is ****,destiny is hope. Destiny is God,giving to us,and taking from us. Destiny killed many I loved,yet freed them from this world. Destiny will kill this world,yet renew it's life. Too many people die each day,God wants this to change. We all want life to be nice,yet it's a *****. We can change all of this. Just take a chance. Hold on to Destiny,for your dear life. For every action changes your future,and every moment should be cherished. Life revolves around Love,Death,and Destiny. I cherish every word you say. And I always will. I just can't wait till the day... I can't even write the words. It pains my heart to even think of you. But that's yet another story,yet to be told. Destiny has taken me on this crazy journey. Some days were good. And some were pretty bad. But each day I learn more. And grow in heart and soul. My mind has grown to know you won't always be near. But I haven't lost hope,for if Destiny took us apart,it sure can bring us together again.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 9, 2013