Mothers Prayer

I hope you stay as kind as the day is long
I pray your heart stays as pure and sweet as it is now
Your my one and only daughter
Although I show no love to you
I pray for you
My disappearance has been costly
Yet you found light in the darkest of places
Life was hell for you but you found new meaning
You've raised yourself in a world of hatred
Your brothers bitterness blamed on you
But you've bared the pain like the heavy rain
As you've notice people came and left you
But I'll always pray for you
I've seen darkness in you a battle against yourself
A fake smile a helpful and stretched out to others
Now I see your stronger alone than with me
I love you my fair daughter
Stronger than most and loyal too
I've always had this prayer for you
I pray you stay strong and carry on like you normally do
I pray you find comfort where I have failed you
I pray your stubbornness stays true
And I pray you know I'll always love you

---Inspiration came from my mother so no rude comments--
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Amazing :)

Don't thank me for telling the truth :)

Sarah! It's beautiful