Memory Of My Man

It was strange that I saw
That no woman can ever draw
And everytime i see him smile
The whole world stop for a while

As strong as a knight that man is
And it is him I always miss
I saw something different in his eyes
Shining stars, the worder of the skies

Through his eyes, what more can you say
From a guy who has a heart of a clay
Has the charming of the evening moonlight
Mark me a memory, a heartfelt night

Beneath the mysterious light of Heaven
A promise was made that will never be broken
Though we are miles apart
There is always a sincere heart

That wonderful night with the stars above
I felt the joy and the glory of his love
We made a vow that I thought woudn't last
But now it's just a part of my past

And now my life is breathless
For I lose my loveone's caress
That man is just a memory
Keep in my heart upto eternity

:) my ever dearest first love.
joshuita joshuita
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013