Lost And Found

The boy sat alone ; and he wants something to know
From the labyrinth of life , which way to go
But the chains of fate are pushing him down
He sits down and he looks around.
He was without hopes ,he knows now , he is lost
Still he wants to be free , with all cost.
But he was sad , in pain , his soul was shattered
The pieces of his soul , in the whole world are scattered.

Then a shadow came to him
It was dark , it was evil , it was grim
The black shadow of pain was mad
And with a terrifying voice , said :

"Nowhere to run.Nowhere to hide
You've got to kill to stay alive.
You have to face me
If free
You want to be."

The shadow grins, the boy falls down almost killed
He woke up in a world with only sadness filled.

He stands up and he looks to the sky.
No stars.
No moon.
No clouds.
He looks down and starts to cry.
Then he falls down on his knees and screams
And he realized...just dust , all of his dreams.
The boy touches the ground with his hand.
It was nothing more...just sand.
Nothing more in his heart...just pain
His life ...all of it , was in vain.

But before to close his eyes
He saw a girl...she cried.
He stands up and goes to her
She was beautiful , the most amazing girl.

The boy forgot the pain , the suffering, the fear
And all the greed from the world , here.
He was happy , he falls in love , he was free
And with that amazing girl he wanted to be.
He smiles , he looks into her eyes , he holds her hand
And sat down , in from of her , on the sand.

The boy was lost and found
And turned around.
That girl is a life saver...
And he loves her...forever.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

This is so sweet..... She is a lucky girl