She Is Broken But You Will Never See

Hiding away from the rest of the world,
Covering every black and blue,
Turning back time in her mind,
If only she knew what was coming,
Looking back each day,
She had found her freedom to have it taken away again,
The pressure building up,
Vile hate,
No smiles now just shattered tears,
Frozen in her fears,
Petrified of every living moment,
But she looks past it all,
She cuts away the pain,
Her emotions on the inside,
Flowing onto the outside,
Fear coming in red lines,
Her eyes becoming lifeless,
The only way for her to feel,
Is to make her feel,
Many nightmares,
Have you ever stepped into red rain?
Screamed out in the fog?
When you think that no one else can hear,
She heard,
She knows how it feels to hurt,
How it feels to cut,
To wish death upon her own life,
Then freedom came,
It came like the snow,
But then it melted away all over again,
Back came each day of pain,
Closing her eyes she cried,
She tried to cry,
But no tears where left,
Just a painful girl,
Far away from you she is there,
She is in your school,
You just pass her by because she is smiling,
In the time you have had a good night,
She had a painful one like every other night,
Words do not have to be said,
She can be silent,
All you had to do was look her in the eyes,
But too hard,
Too late,
That girl cried,
She is so tired of being pushed aside,
Curling up at night,
She shivers in fear,
Did she have any hope,
She became empty,
Broken to far beyond repair,
Playing each bit of pain in her head,
She lost so much of herself,
Glass was her heart,
Smashed into one million pieces,
Someone save her is all she thought,
But no one ever did,
No one knew what she went through,
Still she plastered a smile,
Her real one had been gone for a while,
She feels so dead inside,
She takes the blade and cuts away,
Making her feel safe,
The blood let her know she was still alive,
Those she told said they understood,
That they cared,
Anger filled her as she screams,
"You say you care! how can you care? Never once was anyone there.
You were never there when I cried for help, you never looked me in the eyes,
each time you see my scars you laugh. Label me!"
They all looked at her like a freak,
She is a person not a freak,
She has emotions,
Now though,
She is dead inside,
Feeling so weak, so useless, so fragile,
She is broken,
She had gave it her all,
Now she is just a shattered girl,
You would never know though,
She wakes up and looks in the mirror,
In pain and broken,
She places a smile and walks away,
Passing each person,
They see her as happy,
But she is not.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Another wonderful poem, and so true. I know the plastered smile <3

heheh yay

This was wonderfully written. I think a lot of girls feel this way. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for reading

You're very welcome. :)

Wow this is amazing! thank you for sharing your experience i could soo relate