Liquid Emotions.

You win stuff, you lose stuff,

while quietly time goes by,

you feel smooth yet become rough,

you don't even know how to cry.

layers of skin fall to the ground,

they shed like falling leaves,

memories are lost the future is found,

not understanding yet still believes.

Fresh faced skin no longer radient,

the sheen of youth changing hue,

bones become tired of the gradient,

and your vision sees nothing new.

Sometimes I can't hold back the tears,

liquid emotion runs down my cheek,

remembering all those lost years,

regrets and the secrets i keep.

Afterall, we're just a thought,

planted in our minds eye,

everything seems to come from naught,

forgotten shadows as we walk by.

When your alone on a country lane,

it seems to twist right out of view,

familliar footprints not the same,

retracing steps you thought you knew.

With clouds of grey we become so numb,

to all around that we percieve,

highlighted by the rising sun,

out of the shadows do we believe.

We tend to just run on in the mist,

each step a journey into the unknown,

laugh at the secret kisses we missed,

with our eyes closed standing alone.

Transient, flowing, like a river,

pitfalls trip intended to snag,

shocks and surprises make us shiver,

while chains of regret we slowly drag.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
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I appreciate Ur honesty.