Be Strong.

Be strong. Be strong no matter what you face,be strong every hour of every day. Look to who you really are. Trust that person near and far. Be strong for him,be strong for her. Be strong for everyone. I'm strong for those I love. I'm strong 'cause I have to be. I know to harden my heart. In these times of trouble I stay as strong as I can. I heed you a good warning to be strong,though it's okay to cry,just be strong and brave to get you through the day. When I lost my grandpa I was done with life,but then I saw through the darkness a shimmering ray of light. I followed that light and sought a fresh start. All of you helped me reach it.
Be strong every hour,every minute,every moment of everyday. Be strong till the end of your days.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 10, 2013