As I Stand Before You A Broken Man

I See An Echo Of The Time We Had

What Was It I Got Wrong

Why Did It Have To End

My Faith Was Disillusioned 

My Heart It Broke


As I stand Alone

I Hear The Blade It Calls

It's Edge Echoe's My Name

Whats A Moment's Pain

For An Eternity Of Release


As I Face The World Alone

I Stand By Myself




I Shall Always Keep You With Me

Even In Death Your Memory Is With Me
gothicsyn gothicsyn
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Don't despair, God is there. He knows your name, so don't feel lame. He has a plan, for you young man. So listen up and take His Hand. Put down that knife, don't end your life. There is no bliss, in an end like this. No matter how bad, no matter how sad, you'll make it through, I've faith in you!

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