Love As I See It

After contemplating the purest expressions that serve as a testament to true love,
I believe I've come up with an excellent definition in doing so. It comes out something like poetry.

Love is staying with her; the desire to be nowhere else
Love is only parting company at her request; honoring all boundaries and needs
Love is valuing her above all others and as yourself; this the companion
who will be at your side down every road you travel
in whose companionship you find strength and great joy

Love is asking without fear; love is overwhelming generosity
Love is every concern spoken receiving the utmost attention
Love is attentive silence; love is listening
and the warmth of her voice ever lifts the spirits
a smile and laughter; unrelenting mirth

Love is limitless; love is patience
the capstone of love is limitless patience
Love is encouragement; love is a rebuke
Love is praise; love is criticism
knowing when each is both productive and needed

Love is burning desire; love is ultimate fulfillment
Love is intense pleasure; love is agonizing pain
Love is permanent security; love is jealousy
Love is disagreeing; love is unconditional respect
lifting her as high as your arms can reach

Love is common goals; love is equal sacrifice
Love is fighting for her protection; love is keeping the peace
Love is working to provide; love is spontaneous extravagance
using creativity to make fascinating the mundane
the endless courtship of her affection
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11 Responses Jan 11, 2013

What is there to be said that is not already said :-) beautiful!

Thank you so much! =^)

Hands down one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. Job well done mathman!

Glad you liked it!

Fantastic! Tugging at my heartstrings...

thank you!!!

Just lovely...


this makes me feel as i did when i found my first love...whom jus left me today. it brings back hope for a lost cause....i cry because this poem is touching and wish it was true for myself

I love poetry,but! I must admit not all poetry makes sense.You have to look into some of it to find the meaning.(interpretation,and thatis very personal) I think you have inspired me to write one and post it.

Awesome! :)

I've done it,You inspired me , I did my best and had a go at writing that poem.

very well written

Thank you! :)


yes its so simple...and they make it complicated! love is to be LIVED..and they are too busy feeling it..spelling it...wanting it..chasing it... walking out of it... but no one holds those doors and stand there and live it...

and very tuff to find your god when you are in love..

oh then they talk about trash.. in love..and love..and liking...
its very simple!

Wow thanks for all the extra rate-ups! It's all ideals, but very possible to be put into practice :)

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Thanks much :)