I didn't ask
I didn't prompt
I wasn't allowed certain words
For affection
And now I know why
Because when someone with gold in their capillaries
Tells you those pearls aren't a costume
Regardless that my body betrays me
I might deserve somebody's forever
Even if (when) I don't get it
I would fill out that dress just as well
Inherently capable
Forever material.
I'm still not asking
I'm treading lightly
I'll let you pull me on the thin ice
When you know you think
It's safe
And my fear makes it go the right speed
Just the right amount of tugging back
To dwell in the parts of limbo
With canopy beds
And starving artists
Whose medium is skin
And little silver earrings
Then we can move
But not now.
Slowly, darling
Like breaths that cleanse
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22-25, F
Jan 11, 2013