A simple word.
Holding so much meaning in
Four small letters.
It means more to girls
Than to most boys who let it show
That they care for their love in some way or another.

Unconditional, irrevocable love.
Glands on the ends of your fur
Release sweet scents of joy;
Giving off the label of a love-struck, happy fool.
Howling in harmony
Heads tipped back
Eyes narrowed to slits, crinkling at the corners
With evidence of a grin.
I howl, you howl,
Everyone joins in.
There isn't a place you can't hear us.

A pack running,
Synchronized paw steps
All echoing across the vast expansion of land before us.
Snow-covered trees,
Mountains stretching tall and short,
Hot breath showing clearly in the cold night air.
Tongues lolling out in wolfish grins,
Happy barks, nips, and yelps
All make music to our sensitive ears.
CallaLilly17 CallaLilly17
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Nice poem.


By far the best poem I've ever had the privilege and gratitude of reading. It's such a lovely poem Grace. It describes what happiness and love truly means,and a lot of wolves mistake it for just a so called emotion,and not life itself.