Living Life...

Unabashedly is how i want to live
not in morals nor in it's misgives
my mind isn't their sieve
in dodging their pains, isn't my relief
their cares i have to relieve

settling in life's shores
My soul o so fiercely abhors
in the untamed wave
have to find a cave
a life of saint and of depraved

to settle down and rant
isn't for an itinerant
life, i don't want to grasp
would rather run wild till i gasp

of it, i am so certain
a life beyond my minds curtain
where my fears take many shapes
and dare me to enter their shades
I slay them, one by one
until i am done
and know that i've won

where i collude with my abandoned desires
and set my dull spirit on fire
and as i stare down the mountains shelf
it's then i run into myself
to my instincts, i return all things
it had once renounced, to evade my minds sting

this world has intruded my privacy
i play along in name of diplomacy
playing safe with motives ulterior
is also life but so inferior
living with compromise
witnessing your true desires' demise
isn't a way to live
Unabashedly is how i want to live

wanna let life in
both virtue and sin
i take in the twins

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Jan 12, 2013