My world set aflame as you went,misunderstanding and misinterpreting what I said. My world was once full of joy,with those I love still here. But now that you,the love of my life,left my world has set aflame. I burn in sorrow in pain. But I'm lifted up by a friend,who helps through this depression I have,and shows me he was not the one. I can wail in sorrow for the rest of my days,or I can listen to my friends who know what's right,and continue on with my life. Though my world is still aflame I know another will come and rescue me just the same as he once did. I know I will miss him,but what happened is already done and I shall move on. My world still burns with the fire of fury,but another will put it out in time.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Jan 12, 2013