She's locked into her world
She's in the corner all curled
Her mind a battlefield
A mind that's unsealed

Her actions speak volumes
All the good she's done is plastered on the walls of her room
Some days she feels doom
Like that room will become her tomb

She's in a battle to win control
You can tell she's tough because she will never let go
Her inner demons held at bay
She's a fighter through all the dismay

She battles this all alone
Claiming her kingdom just to sit on her throne
Her inner demons won't retreat
She won't let her world end in defeat

She's the girl of my dreams
Endless wonder so it seems
I can't let her know my true intentions
Every thought of her beacons

I want to help her but the plot thickens
There are billions upon billions
Her world I want to help defend
I would fight until the bitter end
TwoTearsInABucket316 TwoTearsInABucket316
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013