The Decay Of Beauty In Light Of Knowledge

Ethereal flower of six purple petals
 why do you not touch my hand?
            yet somehow always in a dream behind closed curtains
   you flutter and dance
      the center
         surrounded in waves of purple petals
   I would take your stem and display for all
      your splendor and beauty
         but sadness engulfs such simple desires
      some flowers flutter freely, some birds
         can not be caged
            some air escapes its traps
               that one single breath
                  that can be experienced once
                     shortly after to push and pull the leaves
      that one single moment
         in which leaves stand still
            ages past
               ages come
                  true freedom
                     true beauty
                        true art
                           true love
                     you must flutter
                        and never be grasped
                     your visage must remain ethereal
                        your wings must gently caress the air 
                           shine true
                              die true
                                 but never be forgotten
                        I miss you,
                           come again!
DreamingTaoTiger DreamingTaoTiger
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

As always, I adore you.

I can only thank you all for your kind words, and feel a sense of shame in how I was inspired by real great artists.....every time I read my work I see a word a line or phrase stolen from Shakespeare, pried from Poe, or shamelessly derived from Wilde whom himself already said he felt like that about Keats and others.

As much as I love you all for it..... I just don't feel accepting the credit for it. I just want to share it, unlike what I destroyed from "my" work.

Why do you feel shame in being inspired? Shakespeare, Poe, Wilde they were all inspired by someone, something. If you are inspired by beauty you aren't stealing the beauty you are acknowledging it and making it immortal in your words.

You don't give yourself enough credit.

I just don't feel like I should really.
I just want the words to carry meaning and nothing else.

I probably should just post everything anonymously so they can stay free and unhindered by any image someone may have of me and simply absorb the meaning alone. But then it adds another spark of curiosity or association's almost impossible.....and someone could recognize a style ...

I feel like accepting credit is standing as an obstacle between the reader and the experience. It's a form of corruption that taints the purity of the words....and that's all I ever want in anything what I write. I want it to be pure...I guess that's why I don't like the idea of needing inspiration from others ......thanks actually....voicing those words helped me structure some thoughts that were juggled around for too long.

But please make no mistake, I cherish the praise from you and from everyone about my work, but just can't find myself snuggled into it and wearing it as a cloak or brandished as a trophy like an achievement.

I hope that makes sense

You always surprise me in the best way. I have never met anyone so beautifully complex yet uncomplicated at the same time. and out ................. and out :3

Surprising, that is a compliment I will gladly and unequivocally accept ! :)

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