Unseen Hills

The floor is moving
 the air stands still
      the earth spins below it
         it moves like the windmill
   The spaces invert as the pressure builds
      where used to be roads are now hills
         water flows upwards, it breaches through the soil
            the air has become stagnant and this like ivy
               a taken breath quickly fanned out
            This is uncharted land for inexperienced eyes
               its ships are rafts
                  its navigator makes tiny steps on tiny feet
                     in the nest sleeps a songbird that sings
                        but only at the sight of the hills
                           those far away hills
                              the unseen hills
                                 the hills that will never come...


                                            Unseen Hills
DreamingTaoTiger DreamingTaoTiger
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013