Oh radiant lady come again to my eyes
which will gaze on thy name so fair
I would lay my hand on your cheek and leave a most gentle kiss
to be felt on thine pristine white forehead.

Oh flower fairest crowned in silk of purest dye
I would steal thy lips would not that smile imprison my heart
Ah yes, to simply stare at a woman of such presence would be rude
her appearance commanded praise, it was as if her strength radiated and commanded it.

As I approached aimlessly, caught by traces of her light
   faint sound of black bird why do you speak now!
with spread sheets of pitch black,
      gust and howl
         does the creature mock me?
            does it relish in this display?
      why must it devour my memory!
         why must you stare so!
            deeply like circle of well, ring of white
               black pits surrounded by the very light it stole
            what foul gods, what disgusting taste of ash!
               such dire fate, pecked at heart
                  fear burns my head no, but her power overwhelmed
                     my hand stretched out
                     my eyes wide open
                  the curtains of the window flicker
                     only once, and no more
                        as the burdened, no longer messenger, embraced my arm
                     I stare at the window
                        the curtain rests itself
                           and with it follows my heart, my will, my strength
                              it would suffer me no more
                                 no tear of salt nor blood will fall
                     only a curtain creeps
                        there is black in the shade of the curtains
                           black as vile
                              you mock me bird!
                                 why must you mock me in hours of despair!
                                    and from its beak came thus
                                       the eerie silence of breath,
                                          final breath

DreamingTaoTiger DreamingTaoTiger
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013