Her Hero

She sat alone crying all her tears away,
She stayed so still,
Too afraid,
The wind picked up and changed direction,
Chills crawled her spine,
Something was happening for the first time.

He was there fighting every dark shadow away,
Standing watching her pain fade,
Gleam in his eyes for the first time,
He was a miracle,
A hero.

She looked up at the sky and watched the stars line,
Afraid of what was happening,
There she saw upon a rise a figure stand out,
The feeling of pain left and something changed,
For the first time she felt safe.

Opening his arms she ran to him,
Each thing he said and did was a miracle,
His eyes glowing in the dark,
So beautiful,
So wonderful.

She looked upon his gaze,
Her heart stopped for a moment and this feeling came,
Smiling for the first time she knew where belonged,
She opened her heart,
Her hero had come.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013