A Tribute To My Previously Destroyed Work On The Ocean Of Gray...

From most speeding clouds
 what light comes through your veil?
      you have sat me in darkness
         wood sharp and course
            feet spent from endless wanderlust
   Your rays, oh you sweet warmth
      as I remember from silvery mirror in gray waves
         you despair, my guide, stay not my hand
            dragons I must chase, windmills I will slay

                   [ In endless gray,      } { From cloud to water                    ]
                   [ rock forth                } { this single ray                              ]
                   [ heart doth stay       } { fathom, no hope, only colour       ]
                   [ trace my single ray } { sharp and bright in world of gray ]

   Rock may smash our hull
      thunder may strike our souls
         fire may burn our sails
            but on this ocean we set away
               on this ocean our heart stay
   Need I paint a new horizon or build from water
      Must I suffer and toil in dull depths and endless sand
         My heart dost thou stay, to chase my single ray
            My love, my dear, my warmth
               My light, You beam, My single Ray

                                      -Homage to ocean of gray

(the only piece I have ever read before realizing I wrote it...it was simply there)
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(the only piece I have ever read before realizing I wrote it...it was simply there)

True poetry then. "The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of."I like the talk about the single ray, very interesting and archetypal. What does your single ray mean to you? From the poem, which might as well be a dream, I would say your single ray (perception of reality) is what casts off the darkness (of illusion). I say something similar to this when I say "I drew the sword from the stone" to "slay my dragons" you see. The sword and the ray are the philosophers stone.

The philosopher stone has never touched land nor sea however. What that means is that it CANNOT be given, it MUST be found by taking the journey ourselves. It must be MADE by the hand of an "alchemist" and an alchemist is someone who can turn lead (shadow) into gold (true perception of reality just as it is, clarity). Let me share with you now a story of Arthurs Knights and you can compare what has been revealed here with what the knights do in the tale.

The Knights are in Arthurs dining hall. The grail appears covered with a veil. Everyone is in awe, it withdraws. And then Sir Gawain, Arthur’s nephew, stands up and says “I propose a vow that we shall all go in quest of that grail to behold it unveiled”. The next morning they set forth. They thought it would be a disgrace to go forth in a group. Each entered the forest of adventure at that point which he himself had chosen and where it was darkest and there was no way or path. Because where there is a way or path it is someone else’s footsteps, each has to find his own. And in this romance whenever a knight sees a path of someone else’s followed and tries to follow that he goes altogether astray.

And this is what gives to our occidental world its initiative, its creative quality, and its romance. We are seeking that which never was on land nor sea. That fulfillment of our own unique person which it is our own business to bring to pass. And so with the secularization of our social life where no one is telling us that you got to believe this or you got to believe that, were left each to find his own beliefs. Nobody can give you a mythology, you don’t have one. You are in the process of making it and your life will be your mythology.

The single ray is a reflection....it is an image on the water for a brief moment it is colour in the world of gray. It is simple pure light in all colours but it means hope, chasing hope in a place where there is no reason to do so, it is madness to chase but it is still all you have. This ray is warm and bright, it is love.

It is the thread attached to the entrance of the labyrinth as you decent into the abyss eh? Hope.

I hadn't even realized that.....yes...you're absolutely right.

As I said with a friend, its your "call to town" scroll or token in an RPG. heh

Town portal hahaha, lovely analogy with games. I like it.

You guys both amaze me, you know?

What amazes you is your own ability to see truth as it is reflected back to you through the illusion of separateness.

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