Love Never Lets Go

Just keep holding on, im right beside her
As u let loose, i hold tighter

Ill never release this grasp, wont let you fall
Your to close to a new life, i hear angels call

Youve been saved by a man, to hold you right
To make you feel like the stars, when it turns to night

She keeps denying, but i cant stop trying
As this heart beats her name, theres no more lieing

To close to hard in love to ever stop
Dead or alive ill never let her drop

What does she want, yet i always listen
Her words arent unheard to me they glisten

Tears shed but they arent for nothing
As long as she knows shes always my something

No more bullshit, no more goodbyes
I just wana give this angel her other wing, and let her fly

No longer needing my hand, she flies away
All im left to do is lie there and wait
Everything that ive given her she wont lose way
Yet i still wait silently as tears run down my face
wurzelnator wurzelnator
18-21, M
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thank you miss