Cherry Pie

cherry pie cherry pie so munch to say befor i hade to say goodbye oh my i can,t say that i miss you cause then that means you never comeing back to me and you are not their oh my cherry i want to your gvae today cherry pie put roses by your stone i geif and i moun and why can,t you come back to me i wasn,t ment to lose you like this oh bye bye my cherry i wanted to wait till i was married oh my cherry i was raped you stolen away oh i can,t rember that day oh my cherry i was gone to soon oh i,am blue i miss you cherry pie this is not goodbye it is hello oh why can,t

it be so hello dance in the moonlight till i was ten you stolen i was so sad abused and angry and
blue mad your all i hade oh cherry pie i don,t want to say good bye i wanna to say hello oh pleease don,t go i wanted to say hi not pleaasa not goodbye oh my cherry pie hello not goodbye oh your up in heaven know so i sreamed and shout why can,t you be here oh cherry i

wanted to wait till i was maried oh good bye cherry.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013