Spring from deepest chasm
 risen to stare at glacial ice
      stream of bubbling blue
         crashing down no longer
Kissed the surface, touched the sky
   blown away, horizons so far
      streaming notes, guiding star
         call to me
            sing to me           
               inspire me
      your soul shatters mine
         words mere pieces
            sentences and lines
                love spoken
                   time unfold
                      life broken
                         happiness untold
      In ages past
         darkness looming
            terror coming
               legs run fast
                  love is blooming
      What trickery?
         no ruse!
            this light doth shine!
               returned am I
                  embraced by muse
       Stream ever clashes
          all rot washes
             new soil flows
                blood boils
                   hope grows



DreamingTaoTiger DreamingTaoTiger
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

From the branches fell one
The inspiration of two
The collision of three
The fate of four
The climax of five
The epitaph of six
The finale of seven

hah, many things to say about this, the immediate question before heading out! Did you try to make the words form into an icicle like shape? Either way, great poem!

No I often write in different shapes and sizes.....It just feel better to express myself as such. If it does look like that it is simply a fortunate coincidence :)