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i have been writing poetry since high school. i have a couple of my poems published with the international poets society. i was named one of the most distinguished poets of the 20th century. but i couldn't get above a b in my college poetry class, go figure.
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Often young people are told negatives things, the the adults who said it to them must feel awful after learning what they have become!

i was told some awful terrible things growing up. the two poems that i got published just happened to be ones i wrote in high school. i had a couple of teachers read them for their opinions and they told me that they weren't very good. after publishing them, i went back to the school to find those teachers but unfortunately, they had already retired.

Have you ever spoken to any of your other teachers?

i was able to find my business/job co-op teacher from high school and chatted with him for a few one day. i went back to my elementary school about 18 yrs ago and couldn't find any teachers i knew there. i took my partner with me about a yr ago to show them where i went to school at and the school was gone and the beginnings of new housing going up in its place. i went to a private religious middle school that i don't believe in anymore.

good thing you know that living in the present is better than living in the past!

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