Moving On

One can never know what is going on inside another's mind,
We think we do but would be surprised at what we would probably find.

We all have secret thoughts and feelings that we keep tucked safely away.
To be revealed and possibly shared if we find the right person someday.

This person to whom which I would ever share these with would definitely have to be unique.
Because most wouldn't or couldn't understand or even try to at the very least.

It's scary to think that after all this time you could open up that place & share.
Oh, to be able to finally do this and truly be myself would be a gift so rare.

But with this comes those doubts & fears of lifting this guard for another.
The fear of being so open & raw & vulnerable makes me step back & stutter.

Could this really be true? Could I have met a kindred spirit? Or should I sound the alarm?
I feel myself wanting to open the vault, but am I just being swayed by all his charm?

My gut says no, take a chance, what do you really have to lose?
But, ahhh... Optimism is really not my style, so now I am struggling to choose.

My heart really likes how I have been living as of late and says " you need to finally move on"....
So maybe I am starting to see, what fate has in store for me....
.....And into the picture enters Tom....
Blueyedme Blueyedme
46-50, F
Jan 13, 2013