The Dark Path

I walk alone down a deep narrow path.
The path is dark and lonely.
I’m cold, alone and wet from the rain.
It’s getting darker.
I can’t see anything.
I trip and fall into a deep dark hole.
Screaming “Help!”, but no one is there.
No one hears my cries, my screams.
I’m bleeding from falling on little sharp stones.
The rain is getting harder.
You would never be able to see the tears I cry.
This hole is too deep for any bugs, any animals.
So I am here is this black hole, alone.
I’m in so much pain, from the cuts and burns.
From no one hearing my screams.
I wonder, is anyone looking for me? Does anyone care?
I realize no one will ever hear me; I’m going to die here.
Been here for days, my voice is fading away from screaming.
I look above and see light from day, but this hole I sit in is still dark and lonely.
The rain has stopped after a few day of it pouring upon me.
I’m even colder, and drenched with water.
My teeth chatter, my lips are purple, and my body trembles.
I try to yell for help, but nothing comes out.
Just whispers and coughs.
I feel like my life is slipping away.
It’s getting dark outside once again
AncientDream AncientDream
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013