To The ♪

I don't typically write poetry but rather songs but this seemed fit for a  poem:

Fixated on a vision
The vortex of notes swirl
Fate plays match, the maker and creates sound
An imprint placed in my mind internally I see, dream begging to be released
The birth of feel, stirred, stored in my mind, never to be torn away
Nurturing, the sound walks, phases of doors, to the final path and at last....
The sound speaks, the sound screams, the sound lives!
Cut me, I bleed red, not blue, too slow to throw me in
All pain I harness! A strong force
With each Scar lays another song to played
Tissue scraped, skin comforting
The paper knows all, yet another thought for today
The page collects retrospect
Rambling on, hear my Immigrant Song, Exiled from Main Street
The note's embrace, fire my skull, my mind turns to helium and floats away
At first thought, I fall to love but that is only the first trance
Piercing frequency, guarding, a cage to which I'm placed, willingly away
No mortal voice comprehensible, the sound, the relation, an escape
One Minor chord connected to the soul
Light the heart and mind intertwine and produce the sound
Just speak, verbalize, voice the picture played
View me on the cloud, no care
Where is now? Fade to Black
Spinning , foundling emotion
For what is felt is what is played
No force can motivate the knowing of ache's decay
Pacing in my psyche, spinning numerous times, building speed
Intoxicated, no regret
Inebriated, numb to the burden of the inevitable
In this time I'd love to freeze, capture and thaw to keep me sane
This time is the only time I know nothing but do not care
The only time nothing is said, no congested drama, only felt
One with the world, the body, the mind and the soul
This time is the only time
Euphoria addicted, I admit I am deranged
No faze to purple haze, acquainted in pure obsess
I fall to another abysmal abyss
Lost in a never ending dark
I see the energy reaching out, enticing me
The light is the savior, the fire, passion I repay
Never know, I cannot speak
This caliber cannot be shot...
This pedestal cannot be pegged
Sheer power, nothing compares
When the Music's Over I shall turn out the lights
But never will the love cease

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Jan 14, 2013