The Sin Of Her Pain

The tears beat down her face like the rain from the skies,
Her heart shattered into a thousand peices,
When she had looked upon her soul before it was whole,
Now just shallow,
Eary silence,
The light had faded from her eyes,
Turning them dull and pained,
A young girl that knew nothing but hate,
Nothing but anger,
Nothing but fear and tears,
She lived in the shadows,
Counting every step,
Every breathe,
Life became a burden upon her own life,
So she took a sharp blade,
Her skin broke out in red,
Crimson tears fell from her skin,
The pain she had hidden for so long,
Now flowed in sin.
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5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I can feel the pain , by read this

you have alot of good poems, good job

Wow this is awesome

lol you would like my other ones

Oooooooooooooo which one?

hmmmmmm try her death brought her life and she is broken but you will never see. maybe story of my life as well

Okily dokie


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Pretty good! Love the last couple of lines <3


Love this. A couple of spelling errors, but very good.

thank you :)