Fly high enough to be free.
Free of the torture you’ve been put through.
Your soul should be free.
Depressing of the heart.
Spread your wings to be free.
Pain of your soul,
There should be none.
Fly high enough to be free.
The torture of the inside or your soul.
Beaten within,
No more tears to shed.
Your freedom taken from your life.
Horrified by your own pain.
Scared to walk out your own front door.
You feel like you have no meaning in this world.
Suicide comes to mind,
Fly high enough to be free.
How can this be done?
You must free your mind,
From the pain that you’ve put up with.
Self freedom,
Your soul needs the freedom.
You lose control of your life.
Depressed, self harm, suicide,
Suddenly your life ends.
Fly high enough to be free,
From the tortures of yourself.
AncientDream AncientDream
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013