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The room is spinning.
My heart is pounding.
This body is trembling.
I feel like I am dying.
When will the pain and suffering… ever end?
Will this hate ever go away?
Death has come upon me.
It is taking my soul to the end of the life it had.
The room is spinning.
All I can see are the walls going around me.
Will the spinning stop soon?
Will the dizziness go away?
My heart is pounding.
Thump, thump, thump is all that I hear.
It feels like the heart is going to blow.
Will the pounding stop soon?
Will the thumping go away?
This body is trembling.
I can only feel the nerves tensing and bunching.
Shakes are going through me.
Will the trembling stop soon?
Will the shaking go away?
I feel like I’m dying
AncientDream AncientDream
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013