The pain of a life
Let go to let die
Why is pain so easy to find?
But happiness is so hard to be defined?
Let go of the sorrow
Let go of the pain
Try to find a way to regain
Regain control
Regain a life
Regain a way to show a light
A light to show life once again
Be let go, be no more
Depression fills within a soul
Unhappy is so easy to be
Being happy is so hard to see
Hide a soul, without a light
Deep within you try to fight
No light to with hold
But love you see in gold
Happy site stored away
Sadness shows in vain
The pain of life
Let go, to let die
Happiness needs to be easier to find once again.
AncientDream AncientDream
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013