Spirited Seiler

You’re a kind of person that is like a spirit
Your blonde hair is the love that you hold.
The clean heart of your soul.
You bring so much joy to your students.
You surf water free.
You are uncontrolled.
Your cat eyes are just beautiful.
Meaning that you are mood full.
They change as fast as your mood.
Black is the color that you wear.
It makes you so indescribable.
The mystery can’t be pulled out.
You’re the teacher that shares your knowledge with your students.
You’re the spirit that is free you’re as beautiful as a red rose.
Your heart is so big and you try so hard to do what you do just right.
You are the spirit that is just there to be happy.
Your students what to say thank you,
So much for the knowledge that you have stored.
For the happiness that you have brought. For the brightness that you have put in our lives.
For being the spirit that is free and uncontrolled
AncientDream AncientDream
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013