**** The World (poem I Wrote A While Ago)

Take the blade I dare you,
Go ahead and cut out my broken heart,
You killed me inside anyway,
You came along acting so fine and perfect,
Then came the storm and you changed,
Each day a sick nightmare,
Black and blue,
Pouring red,
Guess what you killed,
Just a hollow shell is what you left,
You took me in your hand and crushed me,
So guess what I have to say,
I do not love anymore,
I do not speak,
Or even move,
I am taking the blade and cutting too deep,
Time to let it out so this is my day,
Watch me bleed and laugh cause that is what you do,
Dark demon is you,
Vile smile,
Tainted eyes,
Twisted heart,
Then there is me the girl that you broke,
Childhood gone,
Gone with the dust,
Shattered and smashed,
Cracked and shattered into a million little pieces,
So watch me as I bleed out my pain,
Let it end like you want it,
Hear my cries and absorb it,
My pain is your pleasure,
You sick vile creature,
You want me gone then I am gone,
I am done with this crap,
Helpless such a waste of air,
So good bye cruel world,
I am just a broken girl,
So watch me die you nasty things,
Let my blood run out dry,
Pour out my entire life,
I am already dead on the inside so guess what,
Not much improvement here,
I am just finishing what you started,
I am bringing in the line,
Turning the clock forward not back,
Into the shadows I go,
The warm air leaves me and I welcome the cold,
That is all I am is it not,
You heartless world guess what,
Tonight you lose this girl.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

This is tragically beautiful. You made me feel like I was going through this with you. I am sorry for the pain you have endured. You have so much potential. Embrace the darkness, but don't let it consume you...