Ok this one is kinda old!

I'm crying and wishing. I'm wishing that you were here,wishing that I wasn't here. Wishing that I was there in your arms where I truly belong.
Yes it's taken this long to realize where I truly belong. But now that I know I want to be there. So I ask you my dear can I come home now?! Because I'm cold and I miss you. So I'm siting here in the cold crying and wishing that you were here But I know that I can't go back. Because the last time that I was There you threw me out in the cold. So now I'm crying and wishing that things were different. But things will never be different. So now I'm crying but no longer for you but because I'm alone And that's not the best feeling! But it's better then going back home with you my dear. Because you'll Just leave me in the cold crying. So I was wrong that's not my home. So I will dry my tears and get out of the cold.
rawrgasm rawrgasm
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013