The Most Beautiful Snowflake

I stepped outside to watch the gentle debut of November snow.

Upon looking up, I saw the most beautiful snowflake I had ever seen

floating near my eyes, engraving its image in my mind.

It had the most lovely rays of the sun gleaming from its side.

I realistically knew that it would not be mine to claim.

Did this stop me from longing to hold it close?

No, but knowing that touching would damage its pure exquisite form

I watched its flight, letting it flitter away into the night.

For only a brief moment, its beauty took my breath away

And I have never and will never again encounter it

I will try my hardest to never seek for it

And will always hope that it fell softly, gently

Home to the place it belonged, far, far from me

For it was never mine to touch, never mine to claim.
caramelappledreams caramelappledreams
41-45, F
Jan 15, 2013