The Drug

Did I love that drug?
Daily I would numb my senses.

Did I seek only to be high

day after day

dismissing all that came my way

not a thought of love

To seek love is not

just one day

Oh what a panic to think

not having my drug

when love is in my heart

only to walk away

To keep this love

I would have to trust my heart

and obey

and the drug will fade away

As this love takes me

in another way

I see the beauty

and it is here to stay

the best high each and every day

woundedpalm woundedpalm
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

What, are you a drug addict? If so, I hope poetry helps you out.

I am a recovered drug addict, they say you can't change for someone else. You can only change for they say, I am proof that you can change for any reason, if you really want to. I fell in love with someone who was more to me than drugs and no way would they deal with my drug use, the relationship didn't last very long for other reasons, but I am still drug free. And yes, poetry does help.