A Mother’s Letter

To my unborn child you are the light that shines within me,
Thank god for giving you to me,
My spirit smiles when I think about seeing your little face,
I can’t wait until you enter the world,
I’ve prepared for your entrance,
There is so much I want to teach you,
You are a gem worthy to be loved, and cared for,
Your father strives every day to obtain the things you need while I'm home nesting awaiting your arrival,
You have a lot of family waiting to meet you,
Everyone is home waiting by the phone ready to drive to the hospital when they receive that call letting them know that you are on the way,
I am sure the world is ready to see what you have to in store for them,

Love, Mommy
Maryam24 Maryam24
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013