In Dark Places

The dark places
Wet and cold
Wherenatures dead
Anddesires untold,
Everythings transformed into a twisted display
Is the results of our past, today.

we are struggling, fighting
shaken up and half destroyed
we are non-conforming, non-accepting
yet no different from the norm.
this condradictory speech in our minds
says to be who we are, but then who we're not
we loose ourselves in self and self sacrafice.

and so we move-
just a little to the left
but we've still missed it
'cuz we never knew to begin with
where we should all start
'cuz the path's been twisted in with thorns
and our Guide seems in a distant place
and we could never again see who we were
and couldn't even if we could anymore.
mtiff mtiff
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Thank-you Garvan, for rating up my story =)