Introverted and shy can be lonely,
When we're constantly by ourselves, only.
We don't know how we got this way,
But came born with it, just like gay.
May have been helpful if someone told me.

It's been said, we take up 25% (of the pop.).
We work best under no management.
So when seeking a job,
It becomes quite a prob,
And we wonder why we even went?

At a party, I'm usually quite silent.
I use small talk as my great assignment.
Interviewing the guests,
Listening, I do best,
Then return to solitary confinement.

It's so hard being perfectly clear,
When to say what I mean is a fear.
I'll start rambling along,
And it comes out all wrong,
Rather hand them a note and say, "Here".

But I've read that this can be a good thing.
Just imagine if no one was listening.
There'd be noise all about,
Turn our world inside out,
More corruption, crime, war, in the making.

When you think you're not talking too much,
Go inside yourself, breathe, get in touch,
With surroundings around you,
It's ok - do what you do,
Even when others think it's a crutch.

If you have an introverted good friend,
Try some silence, sometimes, now and then.
Don't think they're being quiet,
Even you, too, can try it,
We should all take their cue, rather often.
Albymyself Albymyself
41-45, M
Jan 17, 2013