Hey Here's One Of My Poems I Wanted To Share :)

First i wanna say i love poetry. my favorite poems are by Edgar Allan Poe :)

Poem Title is : Life's Fate Through My Eyes

Fire in our eyes
blood on our face
hearing people cry
but we can't run away
we're going to die
so say your last good-bye
do you feel the pain?
Anger raged

Ashes everywhere
people beware
take the right turn
or u will burn
suffocated in pain
this is insane
Death is a place
no one can escape

Time is Ticking
make the right decision
Children screaming mommy
but mommy is no longer living
animals gone
extinction has one
this is just the beginning
so don't think we're winnning

there is no hope
we're all about to go
to a place we don't know
we'll burn forever
there's not anymore laughter
depressing and dark
our lives are gone

***this is based on a dream i had when i was about 9 or 10. i copied it straight from my old journal without correcting it. so don't be focused on that.lol
and i was so young when i wrote this. my writing craft is much better now. :)
thanks for reading :)
SkinnyJeansAndSnakeBites SkinnyJeansAndSnakeBites
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013