You Showed Me

I was into you

You enticed me with your smile

Who knew you were leading me on all the while

You were the perfect perception of what I thought I needed

If you were after my heart, you definitely succeeded

I was ready to say those words to you

The ones I said I would never say

I was ready to give you myself completely

But then you showed me yourself

I saw that you didn't feel exactly how I felt

The tower I built of love slowly began to melt

So I gave up, feeling that there was no purpose

My feelings were deep, yours never left the surface

Why would you let me enjoy you?

Only to confide in me then hide from me

You knew exactly how I felt

It wasn't hard for you to see

You gave me a reason not to trust love

I actually thought you were a gift from above

And you wonder why I find it hard to show affection

Maybe because I'm not one to deal with rejection

I'm learning to leave love alone

But it's hard to take love back

So easy to give away though

But seems so hard to contract

I can't believe you have me writing this ****

Brokenhearted like some kind of poet

When really its not at all worth it

But yet, I truly felt you were so perfect

You left a scar on my fragile heart

Blinded by love, you left a lasting mark

Somehow I thought the bond we shared was true

But you showed me yourself....and now I can see you
eyeconfess eyeconfess
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013