A Bird's Song

With every morning, along with the sun

Comes the sprightliness of a bird’s song

Whistles along echoes, melodious tunes of joy

That can soften the hearts of the strong

With each day that gives us meaning and new life

A bird’s song is a prelude to ponder

Although sometimes going unnoticed or overlooked

It flutters freely from here onto yonder

In the chaos and busyness life often brings

It’s a reminder of solace and peace

It’s pleasantness and simplicity

Urge imminent hostilities to cease

Harmonious in nature, all in one accord

It’s purpose uplifting and pure

It can soothe the souls of the weary

Offer hope to the downtrodden to endure

We hear a bird’s song but do we listen?

Do we appreciate the gift that they bring?

Are we taking for granted the smaller things in life?

The songs so sweet that they sing….
eyeconfess eyeconfess
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013