Soul Abyss

Likes waves in the ocean blue

Falling, gliding, forever transforming and transposing

My soul is an array of emotion in motion

A devotion to a divine purpose unknown

Soaring like a cosmic flare

Giving light to a desolate darkness

My soul is the beat of my drum

It captures my imagination and molds it into personality

Combats the cruelty of this harsh world

My pearl, my center, my flame of strength

With infinite possibilities to define my capabilities

My soul is kind, it follows peace now

Once smothered it now flourishes

With beauty, with grace and with love

Never above forgiveness, never beneath truth

It’s loose, it’s free, determined as it can be

Chasing dreams and jumping hurdles with hope

My soul thrives, it survives the tests of time

Opening doors without fear of the other side

Gleaming with pride and outshining doubt

My soul once cried and once felt without

And this pain gave my soul new life

Like seasons change or rain gave leaves to the trees

An abundance of beauty to be shared

Like a passion fruit my soul is exotic

Erotic even attracting orgasmic waves

My soul makes love on the planet Pluto

Riding through scorpius

Ending like the calmness of a summer breeze

My soul, once tortured, now breathes easy

Once a tornado of fury

Now lives in a river of patience

My soul forms my being

A version of life expressed

My soul is an infinite journey

It is well and my heart is it's nest
eyeconfess eyeconfess
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013