The Edge.

For so long I have been standing on the edge, between life and death. When you decided that you actually wanted to be with me,
the edge was no where to be seen.
But the minute you left me,
all I could see was the edge getting smaller as I fell off it.
After I crashed and the dust around me cleared.
I saw what the world around me was really like. There is no love in the world,
or at least none that I have seen.
What I see is a world full of pain because that's all I have ever felt.
When I awoke after the fall everything around me didn't seem real.
It felt like I was dreaming, only it wasn't a dream it was a nightmare,
that I couldn't wake myself up from.
All I saw was you and how much better your life was before me.
I never deserved a chance with you because I don't deserve you at all. All you ever were was nice to me,
you showed me all the love in the world.
Sure I said all those mean things to you after you left me,
but that was only me trying to mask all the pain you were putting me through.
I am a strong person,
but when it came to you, that invisible wall I had caging my heart collapsed because I just couldn't see my life without you.
But now you are gone and there is nothing I can do to change that.
So I will just build the wall thicker this time,
so if maybe I find someone that makes me feel the way you made me feel,
I will be more prepared for the pain.
Lawshe Lawshe
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013