In The Dark Love Shines

Deep breathes, panting out of breathe,
Running all her life,
It is in her eyes,
All mercy is gone now all is the truth,
She is dead inside,
Fighting to survive,
Watch her fall down and never fly,
Curling up in the dark she is holding onto the dark,
Clutching her broken heart,
It is like twisting in fire,
Pain in her eyes,
Lines on her torn skin,
It is like the storm that never clears ,
Her tears,
So many tears fall until her eyes dry out,
Lost in the fog,
Then a name is spoken,
Her heart beats again,
Her breathe comes to a haltĀ and arms embrace her,
Warmth protects her from the cold world,
The fog gets pulls away and reveals a peaceful world,
Her tears fall again but this time from joy,
She felt like she was no longer alone,
She felt free,
She felt love.
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18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Your a gifted writer, very powerful.

I would love to see who write such deep sensitive thoughts and feeling down so I would appreciate it even more and i'm a nice guy and would like to chat sometime.

fine just dont dare be a perv

I will do my best not to be a perv

and I sure would like it if you add me.


thanks I enjoyed this very much.