Ruel Nai

not much to say
written in another way
is this thought process, apparent and plain

while others are yelling at me in vain
to reconcile this pain
still possessing a failure to gain
all things for which to be framed

amidst the ones who are gone
borderlined as missive all along
borderlined as dulled sight, forlorn and forgone

but its a benefit that I start
this method all part and apart
through the means of art
speaking deep within the cracks and holes of my heart

In this I am believing
that this mannerism is fleeting

that we are all contentious and marred
for something better
something we've all got,
conservatively in the dark

subconsciously truthful
this mindset that we mark

incorporated to the part
we've taken at the start
this mannerism of the heart

with this thought process given
broadening this decision
to concede with this endless revision
of one more mental acquisition
of random constructs and a lesser best intention
a terminable passage to perdition

somewhere that nothing is truly ever given
Nearth179 Nearth179
Jan 19, 2013