Addictive devotion

I wrote this by pulling together some of my "ten-word stories".

To N.R.

Love battered my soul and left for it dead once
The one I gave my heart to tore it apart.
And so desolation reigned on the rubbles of my life -
I filled the void as best as I could.
I lost myself in stories, escaping out of everyday dread
I populated my loneliness with their characters, like old friends.
And there you were.  Curiosity drew me, slow at first
Soon enough sucked me into your world and your eyes.
Hidden, I sneak up to you for a better view.
In a sea of faces, I am just a drop.
You feel close as the moon on a bright night
So close yet so far, always just out of reach.
And I look up to the sky and drink starlight
Let it course through my veins to reach my heart.
Wisps of smoke dance before my eyes and fade away
I relish the warm glow that melts away the ice.
Loving you is the only luxury I can afford now
You can’t hurt me if I can’t be with you.
I am safe, floating away in my sweet fantasy world
Yet I am bruised from dreaming about you too hard.
DancingFox DancingFox
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Not so different than my blogs. I think we have this poetic characteristic of endless longing for the impossible in common.

Yes we do... I tell myself I can stop anytime. Oh, the lies addicts tell themselves...

They all flowed together nicely. Well done Kits. :o) xo

Thanks Deg :)